Rarely available to the market, a number Shares in a Syndicate owning a 1/3rd  pro indiviso title to the Upper Arndilly Fishings are offered for sale giving the right, in-perpetuity, to fish at agreed times for salmon, grilse and sea trout (as well as the small parcel of land around the fishings and the fishing cabin).

Upper Arndilly offers superb fly fishing and the majority of fish are so taken.  The 10 year average catch is 153.7 salmon and grilse & 50.2 sea trout.

The beat comprises six pools. Fiddich Mouth is highly productive, is fished relatively easily from the bank and tends to hold fish on the Arndilly side. The delightful Heathery Isle is a superb fly cast which offers easy wading. The Upper Dips is easily fished and offers excellent fly fishing along its length – the glide at the tail has produced some outstanding bags of sea trout over the years. The river accelerates at the Lower Dips – a pool which provides exciting fishing, particularly in the summer months. Red Craig presents first-class fly fishing and almost ranks with the Heathery Isle in terms of numbers of fish caught. Lastly, the Ladies’ Haugh pool has been little fished in the past but undoubtedly has great potential.

The Upper Arndilly fishings are owned jointly by three pro indiviso proprietors and the Upper Arndilly Fishings Syndicate is one of these proprietors. The Syndicate’s title is held in a trustee company. An Agreement has been concluded whereby the available fishing has been split on a rotational basis among the owners.

The Spey season comprises 32 complete weeks. Week number 1 is the first full week of the Spey season. Each of the three owners has the right to fish one rod during weeks 1 and 2. Thereafter, every third week is allocated to each owner in an agreed rotation. Every four years, the rotation is moved on by one week and thus after 12 years have elapsed, the rotation will have completed a full cycle.

The Syndicate thus has the right to 1 rod in weeks 1 and 2 and all 3 rods for 10 weeks of the rest of the season.

Ownership of the Syndicate has been divided into A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J shares and a rotation of Syndicate rods has been established.

The A, B, C and D shares – the Spring shares – each entitle the owner to:

  • one rod for one of the four weeks from weeks 6 – 17 (end March – early June) according to the agreed rotation.

The E, F, G and H shares – the Summer shares – each entitle the owner to:

  • one rod for one of the four weeks from weeks 21 – 32 (July – September) according to the agreed rotation; one rod for one week in weeks 3 – 5 (March) every fourth year and a small share of fishing in weeks 1 and 2 (albeit weeks 1 and 2 are traditionally given to locals to maintain good relations with the local community).


The Shares currently for sale are as follows;

Shares A1, A2 and A3 in the Spring Rotation

Although ownership is in perpetuity, as an example, ownership of Shares A1, A2 and A3 will entitle the owner to fish all 3 rods on Upper Arndilly as follows;

2020 – week commencing 11th May;

2021 – week commencing 31st May;

2022 – week commencing 4th April;

2023 – week commencing 24th April;

2024 – week commencing 3rd June;

2025- week commencing 9th June;

2026 – week commencing 23rd March;

2027 – week commencing 12th April;

2028 – week commencing 1st May;

2029 – week commencing 21st May.


Please see below the catches for the A Shares over the past 10 years;

Year Week Commencing Salmon & Grilse Sea Trout
2010 5th April 0 0
2011 25th April 4 1
2012 14th May 3 0
2013 3rd June 5 3
2014 24th March 2 1
2015 13th April 3 2
2016 2nd May 5 0
2017 22nd May 2 1
2018 26th March 0 0
2019 15th April 0 0
10 Year Average 2.4 0.8
5 Year Average 2.0 0.6


The ten year salmon and grilse average of the A Shares is 2.4 fish and the ten year sea trout average is 0.8 fish.

The five year salmon and grilse average of the A Shares is 2.0 fish and the five year sea trout average is 0.6 fish.


The annual Management Charge varies from year to year dependent on works being carried out.  For example, we have just carried out fairly significant river / bank works as well as refurbishing our cabin so Management Charges for 2020 have been higher than the previous three seasons.

The annual Management Charge attached to all three of the A Shares over the past 10 years has been as follows;

2011 – £1,314.00

2012 – £2,268.00

2013 – £1,656.00

2014 –    £918.00

2015 –    £918.00

2016 – £1,800.00

2017 – £1,080.00

2018 – £1,350.00

2019 – £1,215.00

2020 – £1,710.00


The asking price for the A Shares is £7,250.00 per Share or £21,750.00 for the three Shares.  Ideally the three Shares are to be sold as a package – although the seller would be happy to sell to more than one buyer if the sales can proceed at the same time.

The legal transfer costs with the syndicate’s solicitors, (£660 plus VAT based on recent sales) are to be split 50:50 between buyer and seller.


To register your interest or to request further information, please e-mail John Dawson  or use our online form.