Upper Arndilly ranks as one of the most famous and prolific beats on the Spey.

The season on the Spey extends from 11 February to 30 September. Whilst fish do enter the river in January, the best of the spring fishing normally occurs from mid-April to the end of May. The runs of spring fish merge with larger runs of salmon which enter the river during the summer months and provide quite outstanding sport.

The fishings are sub-divided into 3 beats and a rotation of water has been established. The limits of the beats will vary according to water height and condition.

Only three rods will fish the beat at any one time.

The water is fished from the bank and by wading. Wading, for the most part, is fairly easy.

Fresh fish run throughout the year and with reasonable water levels, the whole beat holds and produces salmon.

Upper Arndilly offers superb fly fishing and the majority of fish are so taken.

The beat comprises six pools. Fiddich Mouth is highly productive, is fished relatively easily from the bank and tends to hold fish on the Arndilly side. The delightful Heathery Isle is a superb fly cast which offers easy wading. The Upper Dips is easily fished and offers excellent fly fishing along its length – the glide at the tail has produced some outstanding bags of sea trout over the years. The river accelerates at the Lower Dips – a pool which provides exciting fishing, particularly in the summer months. Red Craig presents first-class fly fishing and almost ranks with the Heathery Isle in terms of numbers of fish caught. Lastly, the Ladies’ Haugh pool has been little fished in the past but undoubtedly has great potential.

A conservation code is in place in order to protect and enhance stocks as set out by the Spey Fishery Board.

A spacious and well-equipped fishing cabin is provided as is a boat which allows rods the opportunity to cover water less easily reached by wading. There is a good access road to the hut and beyond from the entry point opposite the Fiddichside Inn. The upper pools are very close to this road while Red Craig and the Ladies’ Haugh are easily reached by foot.

Upper Arndilly


Upper Arndilly extends from that point where the River Fiddich enters the Spey downstream for approximately 1 mile along the south bank.

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  • 10 year average catch 116.5 salmon and grilse & 35.0 sea trout
  • 1 mile single bank fishing
  • 6 named pools
  • Maximum 3 rods
  • Well-equipped fishing cabin
  • Ghillie available on request
  • Good access