The Upper Arndilly Fishings are owned jointly by three pro indiviso proprietors and the Upper Arndilly Fishings Syndicate is one of these proprietors. The Syndicate’s title is held in a trustee company. An Agreement has been concluded whereby the available fishing has been split on a rotational basis among the owners.

The Spey season comprises 32 complete weeks. Week number 1 is the first full week of the Spey season. Each of the three owners has the right to fish one rod during weeks 1 and 2. Thereafter, every third week is allocated to each owner in an agreed rotation. Every four years, the rotation is moved on by one week and thus after 12 years have elapsed, the rotation will have completed a full cycle.

The Syndicate thus has the right to 1 rod in weeks 1 and 2 and all 3 rods for 10 weeks of the rest of the season.

Ownership of the Syndicate has been divided into A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J Shares and a rotation of Syndicate rods has been established.

The A, B, C and D Shares – the Spring Shares – each entitle the holder to one rod on the Fishings for one of the four weeks from Weeks 6 to 17 inclusive during which the Syndicate has the right to fish.

The shares for sale are as follows;

Shares ½C1, ½C2 & ½C3 in the Spring Rotation

These three ½ Shares entitle ownership of the beat (all three rods) for the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the allocated week in the Syndicate’s spring rotation. 

The dates these fishings are allocated over the following 10 seasons are as follows;

Year ½C1, ½C2 & ½C3 (3 Rods)
2018 7th – 9th May
2019 27th – 29th May
2020 30th March – 1st April
2021 19th – 21st April
2022 16th – 18th May
2023 5th – 7th June
2024 1st – 3rd April
2025 28th – 30th April
2026 4th – 6th May
2027 24th – 26th May


The management charges that have been payable for the three ½ C Shares over the past 5 years are as follows;

Year Annual Management Charge (All Three ½ Shares)
2018 £675.00
2017 £540.00
2016 £900.00
2015 £459.00
2014 £459.00


Please see below the actual catches for this ½ week over the past 10 seasons;

Actual C Share Spring Fishing
Year Days Salmon & Grilse Sea Trout
2009 20th – 22nd April (inc.) 2 0
2010 17th – 19th May (inc.) 2 0
2011 6th – 8th June (inc.) 11 4
2012 2nd – 4th April (inc.) 0 0
2013 22nd – 24th April (inc.) 2 0
2014 5th – 7th May (inc.) 2 0
2015 25th – 27th May (inc.) 5 2
2016 21st – 23rd March (inc.) 0 0
2017 10th – 12th April (inc.) 0 0
2018 7th – 9th May (inc.) 1 0
10 Year Average N/A 2.5 0.6


The actual 10 year average catch for the beat for this ½ week is 2.5 salmon & grilse and 0.6 sea trout (so 0.8333 salmon & grilse and 0.2 sea trout per rod).

Using the valuation of £10,000 per salmon, this values these three ½ Shares at £25,000 which is the price being sought for these three ½ Shares in the Syndicate. 

Whilst £10,000 per salmon is top of the market, this is completely in line with recent sales in the Syndicate. 

These three ½ Shares are being sold as a package but would be split if three buyers were found at the same time.

This price will cover the legal costs of the transfers of these three ½ C Shares with the Syndicate’s solicitors, Burness Paull. 

To register your interest or to request further information, please e-mail John Dawson  or use our online form.